Marathon #2 – metroPCS Dallas Marathon – 12/9/12


Marathon #2 / Overall #2
metroPCS Dallas Marathon
Dallas, TX

Looking back, I honestly felt not too bad after my first marathon – Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio on 11/11/12! The weekend after I managed to do a short 9 mile long run downtown along Fredericksburg Rd. The following weekend was Thanksgiving (I went back to Dallas and ran the Dallas turkey trot, plus another few miles back to Mockingbird station ha). It was around then which the idea of another marathon came to mind… but is that possible? There was one in Dallas coming up in the second weekend of December.

Unfortunately the week before I had gotten a little sick, and one of my attendings even was like, “be careful”… lol. I drove up to Dallas on Friday of 12/7 and stayed at Vo’s place.

The Expo

This was actually a good sized expo similar to the Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio and held at the Dallas Convention Center in downtown. One of the sections featured the history of the marathon. The race began in the 70’s and was called the “Dallas White Rock” marathon, because it went part way around White Rock Lake in Dallas. MetroPCS became the sponsor and is still currently the sponsor. This year, it ended up being just called “metroPCS Dallas Marathon”.

From the course map, the course would set out going west on the Commerce St. bridge, and come back on the Singleton Blvd bridge onto Woodall Rodgers Frwy, head northbound onto Riverfront Blvd, through uptown Dallas on Oak Lawn and Turtle Creek.  Then the half and the full split, as the full marathoners continue towards Mockingbird Rd and on towards White Rock Lake after the halfway point. The course would follow the eastern side of White Rock Lake and head back on Swiss Ave, and back into downtown Dallas.

Being naïve as I could ever be as a runner…  I did the thing of buying new shoes at the Expo (it had springs inside), they felt pretty good so I decided to try them out tomorrow for the marathon… it sounded like a good idea at the time… :O

That night, I ended up having dinner with Amin and Daisy at King Kabob up in north Plano. It was good catching up with them and yet get my fair share of carbs in as well as some kabobs… haha..

Race Morning – “In courageous honor” of Alex from last month… 

I was staying at Vo’s place, and he happened to have a bottle of Crown Royale on the kitchen counter. I clearly remembered that Alex took a shot of vodka before the Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio last month, and I thought… if he made it, then I’ll take one in “honor” of that… At least this one had some flavor… LOL. In reality I was probably being a fool doing a foolish thing :/ ha


To the Start Line

Jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling…. I decided to be a little creative today. Because this is December, and Christmas, I ended up dressing myself up as a “Christmas tree”, having tinsels and door hangers with bells from Walgreen’s – $2.99 each ha.

I took the DART rail from Mockingbird Station to West End station, with the start line being a few blocks away. There I ran into two people whom I had met in Austin when I did the Run for the Water at the end of October there (they’re only doing the halfs).

The Start Line – 3 Corrals

The Dallas Marathon only had 3 corrals and began in a wave start, A, B, and C, with an official start of 8:00 AM.

First Few Miles through Uptown

First we went west of downtown Dallas. The neighborhoods over there were a little sketchy but not horrible. Shortly after mile 3, we made our way back on to the Singleton Blvd bridge and took an exit onto Riverfront Blvd. Going through uptown Dallas there were a handful of spectators, and the uptown area in general was pretty nice. I thought it was an appropriate part of the “tour” through Dallas.

But the weather initially felt MISERABLE… I felt like I was going to throw up in the first few miles… It was hot and humid. And all of a sudden… a cold front came through!!!

Uptown through Highland Park to White Rock Lake

These next few miles were along Cedar Springs/Turtle Creek Blvd. It was a heavily wooded area, and with the cold front coming through it definitely felt really nice! The half and the full split around mile 7-8 ish. The weather remained nice all day with a moderate amount of cloud cover.

White Rock Lake

It was around mile 14 when we finally hit White Rock Lake, and it was getting a little hilly from time to time. At this time the sun was intermittently coming out, and I could feel the cold front coming at us from the side. The east side of White Rock Lake always looks better and less “monotonous” than the west side (not that the other side ain’t nice either ha).

And around miles 16… oh no. My left knee started to bother me. I would have to walk some and it would feel okay, but when I ran, it really bothered me. It felt like a ligament issue. It would not go away and began to bother me…

The Beer Station at Mile 20 & the “False Start”

LOL… There was a start line around mile 20 probably for another race. Right before mile 20 is an (unofficial) beer station… I had heard that beer sometimes can numb the pain, so I went up and took 4-5 shots of it… The guy was like, “whoa man way to go…” I tried to keep it optimistic sounding but was like hurting on the inside. He said that yeah, in half a mile you’ll feel the pain go away…

So I went for half a mile and indeed feel a buzz… the only problem was that the pain is still there!! 😦 Solution – need more beer!!??

“Merry Christmas, do y’all have beer?”

So I decided to call upon the help for spectators… Since I was semi-dressed up as a Christmas tree, people would say “Merry Christmas!!”…

(Running up to the first spectator)
Spectator 1: “Merry Christmas!!”
Me: “Merry Christmas.. Do you have beer?”
Spectator 1: “No… sorry I don’t…”

(Running up to the second spectator)
Spectator 2: “Merry Christmas!!”
Me: “Merry Christmas.. Do you have beer?”
Spectator 2: “You know, as a matter of fact I think we do!”
Me: “I’m in pain since mile 16 and need something to numb the pain for the rest of the way…”
Spectator 2’s husband: “Can you wait 5 minutes? I have to go home and get it from the fridge…”
Me (being desperate at this point): “That’s fine… I’ll wait”.

And indeed I waited for over 5 minutes…

Then the husband came back from his house with a 16 oz can of Stella Artois. I drank half of it and put the other half in one of my hydration bottles.

Last Few Miles… Stella saved the day!

Within a few minutes… my knee felt better as the pain went away, and I was overall more relaxed… I guess I wasn’t “proud” for doing this (drinking during a race) but it REALLY made the last few miles go by a lot quicker and even “happier”… if that is even the right word lol. By mile 24, I drank the remainder of the Stella left in my hydration pack. As I was headed towards the finish in downtown Dallas, it felt like going through la-la-land and jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a… LOL.

The Finish

Well, it was a finish of 5:22, not too bad for a second marathon just a month after the first marathon in November… After the race, I went down to Austin, stopped by Sherrie’s place (she was like OMG you don’t sound like you ran a marathon LOL), treating me out to yogurt first. Then I went to get some grub in Salt Lick in Austin… mmm…

That evening, I stopped by Alex and Angel’s place back in San Antonio… and then we were talking about the Austin Marathon next month… haha..



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