Ultra #14 – Cowtown 50k (Ft. Worth) – 2/26/17

Cowtown Ultra 50k – 2/26/17.
43rd lifetime marathon+ race overall (one week following the Springfoot El Paso Marathon)

Having ran with “props” before… I went to the Party City off Sunland Park in El Paso where they had their last Large/XL cow costume left… But it was like a fleece jacket-type material. Lows would be in the 40’s and highs in the 60’s with mostly cloudy skies… so I figured the cow outfit might be a little hot but probably tolerable.

Flew into Love Field from El Paso Friday night… never seen downtown Dallas this upclose before!


Lunch with the brothers from the DFW church prior to going to the expo…


The Expo

Several of my friends from all over the state were going to be there at the race. On Saturday I was at the expo, knowing that some of my friends have already been Friday night… Thanks to my fellow Maniac friend Hung, I upgraded from the Cowtown Marathon to the Ultra at the expo on Saturday 2/25 lol…

Getting fat before race day…

One word… OINK


Church service on Sunday morning

There was a church service at the stage where the expo was the day before. The preacher referred to Matthew 13:44-45, where both merchants ended up selling everything they had for that one treasure and pearl, because it was that worth it. He used the analogy that one sacrifices all this time and effort in training for this race, and it was worth it. Similar to Christianity/discipleship, there’s a parallel of family and community, where people of all abilities join in and partake this event together. Running a marathon is probably one of the only events where both the elites and professionals share the same course and field as the everyday “average joe” runner, and even those who are beginners and walkers. Also, we who partake in the race long for the finish, and we run (literally) towards it, forgetting what is behind and pressing on to the next mile, and next… similar to the apostle Paul’s comment “I have fought the good fight and finished the race”…IMG_3253.JPG

The Race Start

Inside the Will Rogers Convention Center, I ran into my twin cow… lol (note the udder)

There were a bunch of maniacs (including the Prez and the guy I met at Little Rock after I broke the PR bell lol)  who gathered together for a group pic… and then about 15 minutes prior, we started loading into our corrals.

Miles 1-4: The North Side

The first few miles started out with pretty decent weather – but it got hotter in that cow costume after mile 1…

Miles 5-7: Through the Ft. Worth Stockyards

There were some downhill segments as we headed east into the Stockyards…


Miles 8-11: Main Street into Downtown

The headwind was starting to kick in… And then on Main Street you can see that big ol’ hunkin’ Main Street bridge that led into downtown Ft. Worth.

Miles 12-14: The half and full/ultra split… 

The crowds died down instantaneously as the half marathon and the full/ultra folks split…

Miles 15-19: Zigzagging through southwest Ft. Worth

We were passing through various neighborhoods of southwest Ft. Worth as well as parts of TCU… I can’t remember specifically which streets, for all I remembered were a bunch of cambered roads and lots of rolling hills. Right around the mile 17-18 mark… the twin cow caught up to me!!

Miles 20-25: Neighborhoods and back along the Trinity River

Mile 20… normally I’d say just 6 miles to go but not today… taking the road even less traveled. The rolling hills decreased slightly, and I tried to catch up with the twin cow (but he was too fast and took off at mile 21). By around mile 22-23, we were on the Trinity River trail.


Miles 25-29: the road even less traveled – the full and ultrathoners split

This was my first official road race where we get to witness “full” and “ultra” people split. In fact, I can see a slight personality difference between the two. The full marathon people were to themselves, some of them walking, and others looked like they were struggling. But the ultra runners were at a different level. We knew that we were the few and far between, but at this point of the course, we were on an out and back to ourselves… and unlike the marathoners, we were more encouraging to one another. The turnaround point was after mile 27… There was a whiteboard for us to autograph… And then got a quarter of a burger lol.

Miles 30-31: just a few rolling hills before the finish…

But some of those rolling hills looked like mountains to some people… There was the “Mile 30” mile marker… you don’t see that usually at races!


Yeah.. even though I didn’t get to see everyone at the finish line, I was grateful for the ones whom which I did see (and had the opportunity to connect with after lunch)… but sadly, the twin cow had already left 😦 apparently he waited around for a bit for me to come but I was too slow…

Time for speedwork y’all…. Gotta moooo’ve it faster next time!


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