(Xmas2016 Series 3) Marathon #27 – Houston Running Festival – 12/17/16

Race Report Series for:
Marathon #25 (overall #38) – Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio Marathon
Marathon #26 (overall #39) – BWM Dallas Marathon
Marathon #27 (overall #40) – Houston Running Festival

Deck the halls with… jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a… LOL

It has been a tradition that every year during December (since 2012), I run a marathon decked out with Christmas gear, including bells, tinsels, and starting last year, portable speakers playing Christmas music. Well, it’s that time of the year again, and perhaps one of the reasons why this is my favorite holiday of the year…

New this year for the outfit: in addition to the garland and bells, I also have battery operated Christmas lights as well as a bluetooth speaker that blasted Christmas music… Bringin’ on the holiday spirit!

Series #3: Houston Running Festival – December 17, 2016

Summary & highlights:

This was just about the most (unexpected) miserable race I’ve ever done this year!! Starting temperatures of 74 degrees, 90% humidity, and mild winds with mostly cloudy conditions. Ending temperatures of 79 degrees, 70% humidity, and gusty winds with intermittent sun.

The course is on a 2 mile loop and distances offered ranges from a 13.1 to a 100 miler. I intended to do the 50k (31 miles) but dropped down to only a marathon… lol.


img_2089It was HOT. I had Christmas lights routed on the front and back, and the tinsels aren’t as much convoluted as SA or Dallas (at least I thought…).  Most people appreciated the Christmas music and spirit while I was literally DYING inside and burning up…

Event Pictures:

The only positive things I could think of were: familiar faces and the support of a race director (oh.. and Vietnamnese banh mi sandwiches at the finish)

The start line:
Left: with Richard
Center: start area
Right: with Andy

The course (2 mile loop…)

More on the course…
Left: random signage…
Center: with this guy whose nickname was Shorty who ran the RnR San Antonio…
Right: with Steve Boone… the organizer of the 50 states club and RD of Kingwood Marathon

The finish…
Left: with Andy
Center: they gave out a bunch of rubber duckies…. lol
Right: with a few Canadians and Yen the race director

All this just for a banh mi sandwich (left: pork; right: egg)…


But cheers to overall #40 (marathon #27), the third race this month with the jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-lingin’ stuff around and around.

Merry CHRISTmas and have a Happy Holidays!!

Jesus is, and still is the reason for the season. The source of all our eternal hope and the One who we cling onto for Salvation. That’s the Christ in Christmas that we celebrate. The end.


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