(Xmas2016 Series 1) Marathon #25 – Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio Marathon – 12/4/16

Race Report Series for:
Marathon #25 (overall #38) – Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio Marathon
Marathon #26 (overall #39) – BWM Dallas Marathon
Marathon #27 (overall #40) – Houston Running Festival

Deck the halls with… jing-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling-a… LOL

It has been a tradition that every year during December (since 2012), I run a marathon decked out with Christmas gear, including bells, tinsels, and starting last year, portable speakers playing Christmas music. Well, it’s that time of the year again, and perhaps one of the reasons why this is my favorite holiday of the year…

New this year for the outfit: in addition to the garland and bells, I also have battery operated Christmas lights as well as a bluetooth speaker that blasted Christmas music… Bringin’ on the holiday spirit!

Series #1: Rock ‘n Roll Marathon-San Antonio, December 4, 2016

Summary & highlights:

Rock ‘n Roll San Antonio was my first ever Marathon on 11/11/12, and will be my 25th full marathon.

I decided to do this race for the pure reason of being able to share the experience with friends and others part of the Soler Sports running team (the one that Charysse got me into back in the day earlier this year ha). While I have not trained much with them this summer (I do occasionally show up when I’m not racing lol), there were folks that I got to know and talk to, and therefore, valuing that, I wanted to take the time to do a marathon together.

There are three words that describe this day… COLD, WINDY, RAINY = WET. After our group picture in front of Presa St & Commerce St, rain started coming down. As the race started the rain wasn’t that bad. But as we were heading north on St. Mary’s, the rain became a downpour and the wind blowing into our faces. There were water puddles everywhere, and get used to living with cold feet!! The rain kept on pouring and the temperature never went above about 50 degrees, and with the wind chill, it felt a lot colder. As we were making a southbound approach on Broadway, the rain died down a bit.

Mile 12 was where the half and the full split. Apparently, a lot of people who were doing the full decided to drop down to a half. And then there were the few of us that kept on going.


My Christmas gear consisted of my Marathon maniac shirt wrapped with green tinsels, as long as two sets of flashing Christmas lights. The battery packs fitted right into the right fanny pack I was using (it was getting super OLD), and the bluetooth speaker (NOT waterproof) slid into the left side of the speaker. I also had 2 sets of flashing jingaling bells I got from Walgreens, but had to get rid of one of them before mile 3 because they were super annoying!! lol… Due to the rain and fanny pack being soaked wet, the speaker kept on shorting out in the second half of the race. But it managed to make it through the entire marathon without a complete blowout.

For rain protection, I used a 99 cent poncho from Academy, and used binder clips to clip the hoodie part of the poncho onto my cap. Prior to doing so, I used packing tape to reinforce any potential “weak spots” that may be susceptible to wear and tearing (literally) during the race. It ended up being great for both water and wind resistance protection…

Event Pictures:

At the Expo (Friday, 12/2)
Top left: with my church peeps Laura and Amy
Top right: with my friends Michelle and Charysse (both coaches with Soler)
Bottom left: with coach Gary Brimmer (met him at the hospital when our team cared for his wife.. small world!!)
Bottom right: with friend/classmate from my residency program Hongbo and Michelle

At the start in Downtown San Antonio (Sun, 12/4)
Left: Michelle made me warm up for 10 minutes by the riverwalk lol (she’s only doing a half so she could afford it ha)
Top right: group pic with some of the ppl that I trained with, also Michael (whom I met at Wild Hare 2 weeks ago)
Bottom right: attempt at a group picture with the entire Soler group…

Close to race start (officially start of Corral 1 at 7:30 AM)
Left: David and I (he decided to do the full)
Center: Another random Maniac
Right: People trotting to the start line

Up to mile 3…

Left: ran into my friend from Med school Matthew.. his sister was running the half! I surrendered one of my bells to him bc it got annoying lol
Right: Selfie at the Alamo – can’t help it lol

The downpour…
Left: Near the Pearl Brewery.. we were all SOAKED!!
Top right: people with rain ponchos as we were soaked through Brackenridge Park
Bottom right: Rain died down a bit as we went back into Downtown

Split point…
Left: Approaching mile 12, full to the left, half to the right
Right: The crowd died down a LOT, the road less traveled…

Left: surprisingly I ran into Hollie whom I met on New Years Day in Kingwood…
Right: Pizza lady… haha yum

Encounter with random Soler peeps… (I had been looking for Charysse and David for a while!)
Center: with Charysse and Melissa
Right: with David (and blasting the Christmas music.. he got a good laugh out of that!)

Towards the finish…
Left: King Williams District
Center: Approaching the finish line near mile 26
Right: Random encounter with an old friend Angelica… that was awesome!

The finish line…
Left: Finished soaking wet – I took off my poncho lol…
Center: After I finished, I was waiting at the Soler Sports tent with a few other ppl including Ronny and Michelle as we waited for their runners to come in. Charysse came in a little bit later but right before David (in this pic), and Melissa + a few others. What surprised me was that David was still in good spirits when he arrived at the finish line!!
Right: The medal – I really like it, as it’s colorful, festive, and blends in the rest of my medal tree.

It was a tough day to run and race, and kudos to everyone who completed the race, and thank you God for keeping us safe and the periods of time when the rain was under control…

Up next: Series 2 – BMW Dallas Marathon



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