Ultra #13 – Wild Hare 50k (11/19/16)

Ultra #13/Overall #37 – Wild Hare 50k, Warda, TX (in between La Grange and Giddings) at Bluff Creek Ranch

Surprisingly, after Jackalope Jam, I was super sore the next day but wasn’t too bad overall. No lingering or unusual aches and pains. I wasn’t planning on doing Wild Hare, but I know that this would be the last time I get to run any Tejas Trails races with greenery (being close to Houston and such) in a long time.

Having done Wild Hare before in 2014, I was pretty familiar with the course. I also remembered in 2014 it started POURING into the 3rd and 4th loop, making the entire course into a mud obstacle course haha…

But this year… we couldn’t ask for any better weather. Low in the mid 40’s and high in the mid 60’s, and completely sunny skies. Granted, it had rained a little bit the day before, and there was only one creek crossing with water, and a few soft spots. Other than that, it was perfect!

The course consists of a 7.8 mile loop, that’s it. The 25k folks run 2 laps – starting at 7am, 50k run 4 laps – starting at 6am, and 50 milers run 6 laps plus an extra, smaller first lap – starting at 5am. There’s only 2 aid stations, one at the start/finish and the other at the half way point. The first half of the loop was rather “flat” but twisty, and the second half of the loop has a mixture of open fields/flats as well as short but very steep ups and downs. There was definitely more scenery on the second half of each loop!!

The best thing about this race was encountering random people whom I did not expect to see there. One of my friends whom I met at New Years Day Kingwood Marathon, Zach, was there. While running an uphill, I heard someone that sounded like him talking, but did not actually see him. It was too funny when I finally caught up to him.


I was like, “dude, why didn’t you tell me you were coming??!!” LOL
Apparently he told me during dinner last week after Jackalope Jam that he was going to go for Wild Hare, perhaps I wasn’t paying attention…
Zach, “I signed up a few months ago… this was going to be my first 50 miler, what about you?”
Me: “um… I signed up last night for the 50k”


I was glad to catch up with him and the group that he was running with. They were going at a pretty good pace but taking ample breaks. I decided that it’s what I’m going to do as well.


I also ran into Rob the race director of Trail Racing Over Texas… He and a few of his crew only ran the 25k. I saw him at the start/finish and had to say hi (I think he saw me first lol). I blamed my soreness on that extra mile he made us run last week, but he was like, “yeah right, it’s from running to and from the port-a-potties” LOL.

At the start line I ran into more folks from the Valley including Crystal, David, and a few more… Then I met Michael and is apparently part of the Soler Sports training coach… who is running the Rock’n Roll San Antonio next month… And of course there were the folks at Rockhoppers and the former race director Joe…

Overall I finished at around 7h and 40 min, but I took my time and took ample breaks between each 7.8 mile loop, including the use of a massage stick… The goal wasn’t about time, but to walk away without acute and/or unexpected aches and pains.

And here’s Zach off to his 5th and 6th loop – and a big congrats on him finishing his first 50 miler!! As for me, I got back to San Antonio and got fat over some Brazilian hot dogs with some random Brazilian friends… LOL


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