Marathon #21 – Bachman Memorial Marathon (#27 overall), Dallas, TX – 5/30/16

This race was day 3 of the Texas Threesome series sponsored by Running the Distance, LLC from Dallas, TX. I initially signed up for both Sunday and Monday (which would’ve been a double…). However, one of my friends from church in San Antonio, who is also the singles leader at our ministry, encouraged me to attend the Texas Singles Leadershift conference.
Counting the cost (conceptual reference to Luke 14:25-33):
1. Doing the double – Yes that would’ve made it #27 and #28 overall, which leaves me with one more before making Chicago #30 overall. There is a higher chance that I may get injured. I would not be able to go to the Leadershift conference (which I heard it was great last year and wished I had gone). But I’ve already paid for both races.
2. Doing just one – Triple cost for me. Not only would I reverse bandit a race (which I’ve done before several times – race bandit = running a race without paying; reverse bandit = paying for a race without running), this would only be #27. I would have to pay for another race (#28). And I would have to pay for the Leadershift conference ($60). I would have to drive to Dallas the day before the race.
Yes I was a hasty idiot for signing up for both races without planning ahead for the leadershift conference. But considering the direction of where God is opening doors, I decided to prioritize the leadershift conference over doing the double marathon. And yes I was an idiot for being a reverse bandit, and the next time I’ll do a better job at repenting…

The Leadershift conference turned out to be very well. Not only did I not miss church service, but it was also an excellent opportunity to meet other disciples from across the state (and encouraged that several people drove from Lubbock and the Valley, both 5-6 hours away, just to attend it). We spent a good amount of time in the book of 1 John, dwelling on the light, love, and our Advocate.

On that Sunday, we had church outside by the Zilker hillside ampitheater. It was a sunny day and it looked beautiful out there, but it was HOT…

I drove up to Dallas around noon to 1pm or so. The forecast called for rainy conditions at the start of the race. Packet pickup was going to be around 4:15 AM since the race started at 5AM… Even with this, I finally crashed at Vo’s place slightly after 10:30 PM the night before… Here it goes…

I woke up to my alarm around 3:30 AM or so. Indeed, it was pouring outside. Luckily, I was within 10 minutes from Bachman Lake.. but man driving on I-35E and coming off the exit for NW Hwy was nasty!!

Packet pickup was inside a pavillion… thank God for the shelter!
I ran into Steve Boone, the race director for the Texas Metalsaw Marathon in January… This guy is now running his 650th marathon!
And then I got a picture with Clyde Shank (I think I met him last year at the Route 66 Marathon).. This guy was celebrating his 200th marathon today! He had already ran Saturday and Sunday, and this will be a triple for him. Probably no big deal for him running a triple.. But since this was such a small race and many of his friends were there to celebrate… wow. I can’t wait till my even my 100th, God willing.
The course consisted of 8 loops of a slightly over 3 miles around Bachman Lake, which is right by Dallas Love Field. But prior to that, we had to do another 1.8 mile out and back to compensate for a full marathon distance… So that’s like 8 1/2 times around the lake! I was kinda glad I didn’t do a double because otherwise I would’ve have to go around this thing SIXTEEN times… Ugh! Lol
There was an initial drizzle, which went away less than 15 minutes into the race, but then there was this HUGE headwind going southwest!! Temperatures stayed reasonable into the mid to high 70’s as light came forth.. It was HUMID though no joke.
At the northwest corner of the lake I saw a sign for “Pizza Tacos Buffet”… So tempting!
Ran into Angela again – had no idea she was the race director for this series lol… She was the other crazy (the other crazy was me haha) who ran Allen on 12/31/15 and drove down to Houston (Kingwood) that night and did Steve Boone’s race that morning…
I couldn’t remember where I met this guy, maybe in Little Rock when he saw me broke the PR bell? Lol but he only did the half today and ran.
This is the only race where we took pictures of Southwest Airlines planes arriving and departing ha
This was on my 5th or 6th loop and I ran into this gang of runners.. I think clyde was somewhere in there. I was going fast and took their picture.
I think this was after the 6th loop…
You know it’s a small community when the race puts on pictures of one of the participants running his 200th marathon!!
Finish time was just 15 mnutes under a 4:30. I think my shoes are about DONE… They’re worn so bad on the outsole…
I ran with (I can’t remember her name but she’s a mom lol) and she said this was her triple. She’s currently training for an 100 miler somewhere in Florida this October or November? Wow even then it will be HOT down there…
And then there’s Clyde coming in and his gang cheering him on. I think he’s got 2 more loops to go at this point.
And then I ran into Gary. He’s one of the guys I met at the New Years Double last year in Allen. No he didn’t run today, but he was wearing the Texas Quad shirt… Four marathons in four days = quadzilla!
Finally.. My friend Bianca (whom I met at the expo in the R&R Dallas half over a year ago) and her sister Arica came out to see me at the finish line. I think once again I had over-estimated my ETA and had to wait about a good 15-20 min before they showed up. But nonetheless it was awesome to have someone come support you at the end even though the race was over! (The same thing happened to my aunts and cousin last year in Toronto).
Carb backloading and rehydration.. CALDO con ARROZ mmmm
My overall time was alright.. but this was the first time that I managed to pull an overall negative split for a marathon!!
What was special about this race is that it was such a tiny race and we get to see everyone often – saw a couple of familiar faces and conversed with a few new folks… Would I dare do the double or triple next year? Maybe to boost one’s ego or make myself look better, but I’d rather not do it just to say “yeah I’ve done 3 marathons in 3 days!!” The most I’ve ever had done were 2 in 2 days… I think I’m gonna skip this triple business and skip straight to a Quadzilla in the future. But having said, unless God is in the lead equation, I know I’d have goals that I would be never satisifed nor content with.
Thank God for another marathon in the books and the Leadership Retreat, and allowing Him to continue to use me to bring people close or back to Him. Amen.
Duck for dinner with the brothers back in SA that same evening!!

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