Marathon #20 – Paleface (Trail), Spicewood, TX

Okay so I have to admit, this ended up being #20 (and #26 overall). Most recently my new car that I bought… insurance CHOSE to total it due to hail damage (it wasn’t totaled to the point which it was undriveable.. SMH). I had to go to Austin to take care of some dealer related paperwork. And I HATE driving up out of town JUST to get some kinda paper documentation… Until I realized that Tejas Trails was holding a trail race nearby… Whoohoo!!


Knowing that the race is going to be held at Pace Bend Park (about 45 min outside of Austin) where there’s abundant campsites, and reflecting on the fact how BROKE I could be if I waste more $$$ on unnecessary hotels and food expenses… I was like, hey why don’t I try to camp out!! So I actually have a tent that I bought in 2008 for that bike trip I took to El Paso. But I ended up never using it… Probably bc I was lazy or something ha…

So there you go. The tent that I had forever but never touched. I think this might have been the first time that I set up my own tent like that.

But wait.. there was no where to foam roll? Thank goodness for the picnic table LOL.

I think I got somewhat of a decent sleep that night. When I woke up, it was a little chilly, and I downed some electrolyte water and felt a little better.


The starting point… It felt nice that morning with a low in the high 60’s to low 70’s..

The course consisted of running predominantly on single-track trails in two 13.1 mile loops, many portions which included rocks. Portions of the trails were pretty technical. There were some good climbs towards the middle segment of the course. What was wicked… they put an aid station the BOTTOM of a hill!! So when we were fully stocked we had to start trekking up… lol.


Watermelon… Probably the best thing in the world to munch on, on a hot n sunny Texas day… Only available at the last aid station…

Not to speak of… the last aid station had some HAMBURGERS but I think it was for the volunteers… Well, it didn’t stop me. So I asked them, “hey can I have a hamburger??”

And they were like, “Have you ever had a hamburger during a race before?”

And I said, “actually, YES!! At the Rock n Roll Marathon in 2013!!”
(the picture below is from the 2013 Rock n Roll Marathon, where temperature wasn’t exactly hell but I’d say close enough… haha


At the Rock n Roll 2013 San Antonio (picture above), one of the volunteers said I could have a hamburger around mile 18 aid station, so I took it. I was walking and munching on a hamburger while the other people were walking in misery due to the heat… and I tried not to laugh. LOL.

So therefore, these folks were kindly enough to offer me a hamburger 😀

But knowing that the finish is only 4 miles away, I ran with it and exercised some self control NOT to eat it, although it was SOOO tempting holding and running with that thing in your hand.. lol

The race was one of the smaller Tejas Trails events but was overall a very well organized event (except for the first aid station where there was just water jugs and no people manning it lol). I got to meet the race director Chris, as well as a few other folks that I’ve seen before, and some new folks, and of course, a few other maniacs.

Did I fall? Yes! Like freakin’ 5-6 times at least.. and countless number of “close calls” lol.

The weather was completely clear, being cool in the AM in the 60’s, but I could feel the heat downing on us as temperatures creeped up to the low 80’s – as the minority of us who did the marathon went on to the second loop… I did slow down a little bit by the second half, but at the same time this was a trail race and I wasn’t so concerned about my time. I ended up with a 5:32 finish with was actually pretty good for a trail race I thought.

Honestly I don’t have much other comments regarding this race, besides the fact that it was a last minute, spur of the moment sign-up, first time camping, and I actually spent $0 on food on this trip and only $10 for camping fees… speaking of economical.. HA

-Maniac #11249


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