Hi folks… Welcome to my blog. Lol what a generic greeting. For those of y’all who found this page by freak accident you might be wondering… What does “disciplemaniac” supposed to be…? Lol

My real name is Jesse, and I currently (today it’s 11/28/15) live in San Antonio, TX. So back in 2012, I was training for the Rock ‘n Roll Marathon (11/11/12), ran it, and swore I was done with running after that. Yeah right! In 2014, at this trail ultrathon called Wild Hare (11/22/14), I met a friend on the course who had a “Marathon Maniacs” shirt on. After chatting with her, I thought that you literally had to run 30-40 marathons to qualify, and I only had about a dozen behind my back. Until at the Goodlife Toronto Marathon on 5/3/15 I saw another guy with the same shirt. And I asked him, how many have you done? He said, about 15. Hmm… It might be easier than I think. After the marathon, I went to the marathon maniacs website and looked at the criteria. It turned out that I had qualified to be a Maniac since 2013!! I did Hill Country, R&R San Antonio, and McAllen in a period of <90 days. I also had 8 behind my back since March 2014. 

Ever since May 2015, I joined the InSane Asylum of the Marathon Maniacs as #11249. That explains the “maniac” part… Lol

Now what about the “disciple” part? Long story short, I had been going to church for over 10 years. But I kinda lost interest by 2014, because I was just not seeing authenticity in the fellowship. It’s like they’re talking about Jesus and next they walk out and you feel like a total stranger. In February 2014, I was reached out to by one of my neighbors / co worker while he saw me attempting to ride my unicycle…. DO NOT ask me about that lol. Anyways, he invited me to his church (my current church now). Quite to my surprise, I really liked it. The people there were just more welcome and different. First,I came out for a few months. Eventually, I started studying the Bible. In the process, I was challenged and confronted with regards to my faith. I had thought I was a disciple/Christian all this years, but there wasn’t a true repentance. It’s like my heart wasn’t right. It was a long six month process. But finally, I saw it. What made these people different? They were expressing the love of Christ in them to reach out to me. I was faced with a decision to get baptized and become a (true, authentic) disciple. On 11/5/14, I was baptized into Christ, and marked my first day as a true disciple/Christian.

That’s just the nuts & bolts of my testimony. I’ve got a lot more to come, and a lot of race reports from the past to blast… Lol

I love drawing analogies between my faith as a Christian and marathon running / training. Running is great, but I know it’s not JUST about me or how many medals I can get / how many races I can do or have done.  I want to use the gift of running that God had given me to exercise my body and faith, make new friends, reach out, encourage one another, and be a witness to Him while I’m out there on the road or trails.

Disciple of Jesus + Marathon Maniac = disciplemaniac. My identity as a disciple, however, comes first above all else.



2 thoughts on “disciplemaniac

  1. Was I the first maniac? I can’t remember what I was wearing that day. However, I do want to ask about the unicycle!!!! I have always wanted to try to ride one, none of my friends trust me with one though 😦


    1. Yes although I’ve seen the shirts before elsewhere you were the first maniac I talked to! 🙂 FYI I never learned. Fear of falling –> disabling injury. I already fell out of a shuttle bus at Disneyland that’s enough for one season lol…


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